Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti cards are getting bricked during Diablo 4 beta


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Jan 8, 2011
Update: The Diablo 4 team are investigating reports of RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards crashing or dying while playing the game's closed beta. Customer support says Blizzard is "working closely with Nvidia to identify affected hardware configurations and gather as many data points as possible to assist in the investigation."

For affected users, the team offers the following advice in a forum thread.
Diablo 4 is unlikely to be the cause of the issue itself, more so a catalyst for exposing a weakness that may have already been present in the affected cards. If that's the same here while playing Diablo 4, it may be on Gigabyte to address this issue, not Blizzard. Blizzard may also choose to limit the maximum frame rate in Diablo 4 to try and not expose players to any possible issues their hardware may have.
You can limit your frame rate in the game's options settings to potentially lessen the load on your GPU, but it's worth looking at doing it from within the Nvidia settings to totally ensure that your GPU is not running at the ragged edge.
  • Open Nvidia Control Panel (right click on desktop)
  • Scroll down to Manage 3D Settings
  • Change Max Frame Rate to On
  • Choose a max frame rate (your monitor's refresh rate will do)
  • Click Apply
  • You may need to restart the game or your entire system for the changes to apply

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