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GlassWire 1.0.35b now available in different languages

GlassWire 1.0.35b is now available for download. This new update allows you to use GlassWire in many different languages including German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese!

To switch to a different language go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “Language” to see what options are available. After you choose your new language option GlassWire will ask to restart, then GlassWire will begin working in your new chosen language.

GlassWire 1.0.35b also has many other security improvements and bug fixes.

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GlassWire Beta

Download page:

Version 1.0.38 beta - (Feb 19, 2015)

GlassWire added Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese translations. Go to the top left "GlassWire" menu to choose your language.
High resolution monitors should now display GlassWire correctly for Windows 8 users.
A problem where remote connections didn't always work is now fixed.
The process of transmitting data from the GlassWire service is now optimized and much faster.
It's now possible to mute certain alerts that you don't want to see. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose "Settings" then uncheck the "show desktop notification" box.
If you receive an alert that your DNS settings were changed GlassWire now includes more detailed information including your current and previous DNS addresses.
Many other bugs and instability problems were fixed, plus many optimizations were made to make GlassWire work more efficiently. Thank you for reporting problems to us in the forum and via email so we can fix them.



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What are those advantages of using this Firewall software?, Should I use this software along with my Windows 7 Firewall or not?
Thank you for your support :)


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@Rebsat : Acts to be more on networking monitor which w provide information on the connections you have both incoming and outgoing.

Glasswire is fully compatible to WIndows Firewall built in, since you can manual tweak those programs based on user preferences.
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