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I remember that Glasswire also provided fw functionality for free in previous versions.

Tinywall may not be suitable if you want to control with fine adjustments. Immediately after installation, we will cut off contact with the outside like a strict father watching over his beloved daughter.:)

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If i remember correctly you use Windows Firewall without any "extension" but block everything by default?

Sadly my old thread gone after the false ban, so i don't have your post any more. Can you please told me again how did you handle this?
I hope that this wasn't another user :D
Lazy Way: (fast and easy)
0- wipe all WF rules you have.
1- install Binisoft/malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control, it will create default rules.
2- launch every apps requiring internet, allow the connections via WFC .
3- once done, export the rules, remove WFC (not needed anymore), go to WinFW w/ Advanced Settings and select Block outbound connections in all profiles.

Hard Way: (Tighter but requires good skills)
1- Go to WinFW w/ Advanced Settings and select Block outbound connections in all profiles.
2- create manually rules on the fly when required.


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I think for an advanced firewall there are better options than GlassWire and it also consumes more than acceptable CPU. If you do torrenting then GlassWire is a big no as it consumes massive CPU and it's a known issue which they officially acknowledged.
WFC is a great option to manage Windows Firewall. You can set it up to ask for your permission before a program tries to connect to internet, make permanent allow/block rules.
SimpleWall is another great option but it's not an UI for Windows Firewall lilke WFC, it's based on Windows Filtering Platform. It blocks all inbound connections by default and would ask for your permission when a program tries to create an outbound connection.
I dont see big CPU consumes with torrenting, the new version 2.2.210 is very cpu friendly, see for yourself: