What are the major differences? What do you use? I've always been confused about why Google has two separate apps for emails.


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When I used an android phone, I used the Gmail app. I was confused myself when I saw two separate apps for it, let alone one was logged in from using the Google data you entered on initial setup and the other required a separate setup. o_O

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I use inbox in android but gmail for web mail
inbox UI is much clearer than gmail and I can pin important mails and show all of them with a switch
inbox sorts emails by date (Today, yesterday). I really like it

however, the web version is just the same and doesnt have enough functions


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This is quite confusing coming from Google.
The Inbox is attractive and easy, so what I thought was going to happen was eventually they (google)
would at some point adopt it as their main e-mail platform.
That never happened so I was at a loss as to what the purpose was.
It could be that it was designed to be an attractive alternative to their bland UI ?
Purely cosmetic, but if so then why not phase it in after so long ?
Protonmail is my "go to" now but I too had many questions for google about this in the past.


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Using both Apps is not a problem, Inbox is like the "modern-twist" on email allowing you to easier manage task, and to an Assistant to Gmail.

How Inbox works with Gmail

Inbox was built by the Gmail team to give you a new way to stay organized and get back to what matters. Everything from Gmail (your emails, contacts, and labels) is available in Inbox. Gmail and Inbox stay in sync so what you do in one app carries over to the other. Gmail and Inbox have many of the same features, but there are differences. To get the most out of Inbox, try to use it for all your email. You can always switch to Gmail if you want to.​

Source: How Inbox works with Gmail - Inbox by Gmail Help
Source: Get started with Inbox - Inbox by Gmail Help

A new addition for Chrome user allows them to Share or Save Links.
Download (Chrome Web Store): Inbox by Gmail

For example, you can Save a Link to Inbox, then later you can check the link out or complete any task (ie. Vehicle Tax).


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Inbox offers much more visually UI and interaction compared to Gmail imo.

Inbox would get my vote if I have no need of Outlook, Exchange Mail etc since it doesn't support other email services than gmail if I recall correctly.

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Never heard of Inbox used gmail and always been happy with security and speed. Still get a lot of spam though. :p


I've decided to stick with Gmail while I am using other email services alongside my Gmail account. When I move exclusively to Gmail, I may switch over to Inbox by Gmail for the UI benefits.

Inbox by Gmail:
Ignore/delete big batches of spam.
Snooze emails.
Pin messages to inbox.
Undo sending an email for up to 15 seconds after it is sent.

Works with all email services.
Universal inbox.
Inbox does not need training (how to categorize your emails).
Mute messages.


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Basically if you receive a big amount of email ( newsletters etc..) , inbox by Gmail is great . Otherwise stay with gmail