Level 18
I read somewhere today that this was an unintentional side effect of a bug fix and that it will be fixed at least as soon as version 46. I don't use Adblock Plus myself so was never affected by it. If YouTube ever did block adblockers or simply invent a way to stop you from blocking their ads, I simply would never get on YouTube again. I don't like ads, they are very annoying, and I won't be wasting time or bandwidth on them.

There may be a future way to block someone from blocking ads, but everything continues to advance and we will be able to block them yet again. Malware evolves, but so does the methods in blocking them. Just my thoughts on the matter. To me, there is no acceptable ads. Put up a donate button if you want money so bad that you'll never spend. People are extremely generous with money. Just not to the people who actually need it for the most part.