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Get Google Play Music Unlimited for FREE
All Access for 4 months


For first-time Google Play Music listeners, you can get a 4 month offer for Unlimited (All Access).
Bonus: Google Play Store users can get 10% discount on all purchases.


  1. Follow the Promotional link (Source)
  2. Login or Register to Google
  3. Click on Subscribe and Enter payment details
  4. Add a reminder to your calendar or diary - to cancel a day prior next payment - 4 months from subscribing
  5. Upload your music tracks (up to 50,000 songs) | Link (Unlisted version that allows data exchange between local network and internet)
  6. Download app on Android, iOS or continue listening from the Web
  7. Enjoy your 10% discount on any Google Play Store purchases

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6. Download Android | Link - iOS | Link or Listen from Web | Link


Why I am sharing this special offer?

I have been using Google Play Music for several months on their Free tier which allows up to 50K songs uploaded for free, so you can listen to them on-the-go, with offline listening for areas with no network coverage.
When I saw this offer, I immediately signed up. Unlimited - All Access allows me to listen to any music I want and all without any interruptions or sponsored advertisements (-spotify-). And because I am too, an Android user, who regularly buys apps from the Play Store with my FREE Opinions Rewards credits, I can now enjoy a 10% discount saving.

See how to Get FREE Google Play Credits | Link


Update: Keep using the Trial version, but cancel subscription to prevent any reoccurring payments.

Visit Google Play Music Account settings

Click on Cancel Subscription and confirm (no password required).

Continue using until expiration date.

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Marko :)

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The only thing I hate on Spotify is that there is no option to disable 'similar songs' or 'recommended songs' (I don't remember how is that called). When I make playlist and play it, Spotify will automatically play songs that I didn't put on my playlist so I have to skip them. That's really annoying and this is the reason why I'm not using it (and also because isn't available in my country :D).
Funny thing, even though Spotify isn't available in Croatia, I can see that there is huge number of Croatian songs on it. :)