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With the whole COVID-19 pandemic happening the Work From Home (WFH) situation is going well under its way. And some of the online meeting software publishers are making a good bank on it like Zoom has been doing for the fast few months. Now, it looks like Google wants to compete Zoom and launch a new service called Google Meet, which is predicted to be a killer app for online meetings. "We re-engineered the service we built for secure business meetings, Google Meet, to make it free and available for all. In order to give people the security and reliability they count on from Google, we will be rolling out access over the coming weeks.", says Google's website.

The Google Meet application will be capable of hosting a meeting with up to 100 participants. Client software will be available for iOS and Android users and for the desktop you are going to access it using the Meet website interface. Meeting session duration is so far unlimited, however, starting from September 30th you will be able to use a session only for 60 minutes, after which it expires. This service has the potential to eat some of the Zoom's market share as it is free features overlook the ones of Zoom by meeting duration. We shall see how things progress in the coming weeks as Google rolls out the service.
Google Meet
Source: TweakTown


Personal note: One of the comments following this short article has a link to the Google failed-app graveyard. (y)