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Play Station: .Hack G.U.


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I have been wanting to make a formal introduction for some time now.
And I guess, this is a good moment.

I must say, I really like how nice the members of this forums are.
Normally when you go online, you usually find places where people are mean to each other without reason.
It is nice to find a place that even when someone can say they like this software better another person can respectfully agree or disagree without unnecessary arguing, just a friendly and informative discussion.

Personally, I think, that with the way all you treat each other trying to help each other makes you all somewhat resemble a family. Yeah, I know, I'm getting a little "sentimental". Probably because it's Christmas. I don't know.

You guys have a nice forum with nice people helping each other and newcomers. Keep it that way.

Thank you for your patience in reading my unnecessary rant :)

Merry Christmas to all. And may God bless you all. :D


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Hello Azure Phoenix, and Merry Christmas!:D
Your 'formal introduction' was a very enjoyable one (I thought I'd recognized your name..;)) that was worth the consideration you infused with it, and was also nice to read a second time!:p
Your descriptions of how the members here treat one another nice says quite a lot about yourself and why you fit right in!:):)
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