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Group your YouTube Subscriptions by Topic

YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that lets you sort subscriptions into groups for better manageability and accessibility.

YouTube's subscription system is quite basic; you can subscribe to channels if you sign in to a YouTube or Google account, and see all of your subscriptions in a long list in the sidebar and another long list when you click on the subscriptions link of the sidebar.

While that may work well if you have a handful of subscriptions, the listing goes out of hand quickly once you reach two or even three digit numbers.

YouTube supported a feature called Collections in the past that provided you with options to create subscription groups for better manageability. The feature has been pulled in the meantime and there is no comparable option available on YouTube directly.

YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager

YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that adds subscription groups back to YouTube.

The extension adds an icon to Chrome's main toolbar and a new Subscriptions Groups entry to the sidebar. Just click on the Subscriptions Groups link to open the Collections interface.

Use it to create new collections (groups) and use drag & drop to move existing subscriptions to those groups. The screenshot above shows the three groups that I have created and the collections interface.

The sidebar listing highlights the number of channels in each groups and the number of new videos that were posted to each of the groups.

Click on the video count of any group to display all new videos in a new popup on the screen. You may play individual videos with a click on them or use the play all button to play all new videos of all YouTube channels of the collection one after the other.

The extension does not touch new channel subscriptions which is a bit unfortunate. You cannot assign new subscriptions to a collection right away but need to use the functionality the extension provides after you have added the new subscription.

You may use the search functionality that YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager offers for that and check the "hide channels in collection" to display only channels that you have not added to a group yet.

Note that it is possible to add subscriptions to multiple groups.

The developer published a video that demonstrates the functionality of the browser extensions

Closing Words
YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager is a useful browser extension for YouTube users who want to group their subscriptions. Grouping improves the accessibility and manageability of subscriptions on YouTube. While the extension adds the missing functionality to YouTube, it has a couple of usability issues such as the inability to add a subscription to a group right at the time when you subscribe to a channel on YouTube.