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Bad actor obtained passwords for servers, home routers, and smart devices by scanning internet for devices open to the Telnet port.

A hacker has published a list of credentials for more than 515,000 servers, home routers and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices online on a popular hacking forum in what’s being touted as the biggest leak of Telnet passwords to date, according to a published report.
The leak—revealed in a report on ZDNet—demonstrates once again the inherent insecurity of the Telnet protocol as well as highlights persistent security flaws that could affect business networks as more and more so-called “smart” devices connect to the internet from home networks.
The hacker compiled the list–which includes each device’s IP address, as well as a username and password for Telnet–by scanning the entire internet for devices that were exposing their Telnet port, according to the report. The bad actor then used factory-set default usernames and passwords and/or easy-to-guess password combinations to gain credentials, according to ZDNet.