Ashraf Azab

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I just received a strange email from an anonymous person threatening me to send videos to my contacts on FB
He knew my old password, not the current one
He said he was able to see my screen and record a video for me. He’s blackmailing me to send him 1900$ via BTC address

is this possible? What shall I do? And how can I prevent this?

appreciate your support


Vitali Ortzi

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reset modem/ router harden them restore windows or if not possible scan with frst and send the scan here
and download hard configurator and simple wall on the clean install
dont forget to reset mail and social media and set 2fa


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It's an on ongoing scam and I can assure you that no one has hacked into your computer and recorded videos of you. So there is no need to panic, or reinstall Windows.

It's easy to obtain old passwords, as they often become publicly available when websites get hacked and the account details get stolen. If they really did have access to your computer and email account as they claim, they would provide your current password, not an old one which no longer works. Having access to an old email password, will not allow anyone to access your email account.

If you are still using that old password for any other accounts, you really should change the password for those accounts. It's best to never use the same password for multiple accounts. If your password gets stolen from one account, hackers can potentially use that password to access other accounts which you use the same email address and password for. Using unique passwords, prevents this from happening.

If you go the following site and enter your email address, it will list sites which were hacked and hackers obtained your email address and password for.


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