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Everybody should get Hard Disk Sentinel! It saved me having a hard drive blow out on me before I could move the data. The feature showing drive temperatures in the system tray is great to have. You can set it to give visual, audible, and email alerts of overheating and of imminent failure.

The Professional version is also on sale there.


Serious Noize

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Thank you lapepe! I took a hard drive that was setup to run USB and installed it internally in my PC to use for Image backups of my primary hard drive and other files, it works a lot faster that way because the USB device was 2.0 and internally it works a lot faster.

But I have been noticing it getting a little slow. I installed this software and it said I had 6 days of life on that hard drive. So I took that drive out of the computer and put it back in the USB device and am keeping it disconnected until I can get another hard drive to copy the files from it.

This seems like very good software, and from what I have read of the reviews when it tells you there are issue's with your hard drive you'd better pay attention. My whole point is, this may have very well saved me the loss of a lot of data.

Thanks again!


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The software is usually 95-99% spot on @Serious Noize ! Glad you gave it a try. Sorry to see that your drive may be going out there.

I like many others have been using this software for many years. I would recommend that people keep an eye out for the free "lifetime" version software and or a good sale to support the continuation and development of the software! I got a "family pack" that includes 5 licenses a while back during a great sale. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

@conceptualclarity I couldn't agree more with you!! Bitsdujour has a good sale running. I would keep my eyes out on this: Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Family License Hard Drive

For a few bucks more people can gain access to 5 licenses instead of one. This is how I got mine at such a great deal. I would say that people should keep their eyes out! Sometimes the developer's website throws their software on a good sale too.