I got a Dell Inspiron 570 from my uncle he took the hard drive out,I installed used a PlayStation 4 stock 500 Gb,all that is coming up is a black screen with a blinking curser on the top left side,all I can do is enter settings using F12,can anyone help me out,thanks in advance


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It is very easy to slide the hard drive in wrong. It feels like it is clicked in, but it somehow misses the slot. Happened to me with a Dell. Take the hard drive out and look very carefully to make sure you slide it in to the right place.


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Are you trying to install an operating system, if so put the operating system disk in the disk drive then reboot, it should say press any key to start from disk, if not reboot again and then press the F12 key and have it boot to the disk drive.
Hope this helps.


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If that laptop doesn't have a drive with an OS installed you should install it first so it can boot up. A PlayStation drive doesn't have a compatible OS where you can just plugin the drive and boot it up. If you need help on installing windows or linux on your laptop you can look it up on youtube and find step by step tutorials.