Q&A Hardware backdoored specialist needed


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Jul 23, 2020

First of all excuse me for my English, I am French.
Before coming to this conclusion even if it is uncertain over time and my research advanced it seems to turn to a hardware backdoor.
I need your help to make sure that backdoor software or simple malware escaped me.

Firstly, because I knew I was infected with something.
One of the employees in one of the downpour boxes came to warn me that he knew what I was working on and he gave me details that I couldn't know unless you have full access to my computer.

I'm sure I'm not an expert in security but I am doing quite well to perform some security task.

First I am on a post.
The firmware of my motherboard is updated with the latest version from the manufacturer.
I boot my updated Windows 10 using the UEFI secure boot.
I have a Norton Antivirus installed and update.
I have run Malwarebytes on occasion.
My router alone is on an express VPN VPN.
My Computer is also connected to a VPN.
To give you an idea, I am using a double VPN.

I checked all the processes on my Windows 10 1 to 1 until I disabled all non-Microsoft software.
I even looked at all of the Windows 10 processes to be sure where they came from.
I looked at all the software and IPs connecting to my computer using Colasoft Capsa 13 Enterprise.
I have noticed an amount of Traffic which is detected by Colasoft Capsa 13 Enterprise but unable to know where it came from.

My software options for determining where to find a simple trojan are starting to be very limited. Do you have any additional tools or ideas to do to verify if this is a backdoor software?
I am ready to try anything.
It could be a version of Specter, if so how do we get rid of it?

If not, do you know of a company or organization ready to receive my hardware to carry out a more in-depth verification and analysis of my hardware?


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Jul 27, 2015
Hello @manfire . Why not start like most others that suspect malware/infection and create a post here :
Please read the sticky posts first. Good luck with your issue and hope it get's solved.