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Shadow King

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Hey Member I Want Some Help
My Pc Work Perfectly But Now I Am Having Some Problem With My PC
When I Try To Start My PC It Just Don't Start
I Have Checked It's Some Hardware (According to me)
And To Start My PC I Just Have To Open The Cabinet Nd Remove One Of The RAM (Having 2 Different RAM)
And Start My PC At That Moment My PC Start Working And Then I Switch Off the Main Power And Again Put The RAM that Was Removed
And Then Again Start The PC
And Then My PC Work Properly
Please I Want Everyone's Suggestion so that i Can Know The Real Problem As Opening The Cabinet Again And Again I A Big Problem


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There could be just a random things happened and the best way is to inspect like you've done for hardware.

Basically it could be old and damage that tends to replace it.

Recall on recently situation before suddenly happens.


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Maybe your RAM stick was loose in the first place and removing it and putting it back in firmed it up and solved the problem.

Faulty power supplies can also cause your PC to work, or start one minute, and not work, or not start another minute.
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