Video Review Havoc Ransomware - Viewer made!

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    Hi all,

    This is a viewer made Ransomware named Havoc Ransomware - Please note: THIS WILL NOT BE RELEASED PUBLICLY! He has made this to see how difficult it is to code Ransomware & clearly he has proved that it really isn't too hard.

    Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & I'll see you in the next video :D
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    Thanks. Too easy :(. Maybe AppCheck would block it though.
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    At the start of the video I was expecting to see some pretty good viewer-made malware, but then by the end my mind-set had snapped back into reality after I realized that this is probably even worse than most of the half-broken samples built with the .NET framework which are currently in the wild already.. :D :D

    As usual, nice video @MalwareBlockerYT, when is the next one? :)
  4. No problem, thanks for watching :)
    Thanks :D The next video will be at the weekend once my Mocks are over! It's going to be a Bitdefender Free Review probably ;)

    Also a huge thank you to anyone who signed up to my site - I must have over 20 people now :D
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    Great video ;)
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