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Hi, I'm from
North America
Age group
30 to 39 years old
Last known PC infection
Favourite web browser
Internet Explorer (Legacy)
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Norton hasn't worked that well, and niether has McAfee--which I'm using now--so I'm still looking.
Favourite videogame(s)
Wii Sports Resort


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I have been using the virus removal tips on for quite a while and I am very pleased with it in general. I am looking for help with a stubborn one and I'm hoping that somebody else here may have had the same experience. At this point I'm not even sure what it is, or even if it is a virus. :(


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Hello welcome to MT.

If you know the exact file that is bothering you, you can PM me that file so i can analyze it for you. Or you could post the problem so the entire community can help.

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Hello and welcome to MT! :)
You will definitely enjoy this site. Yes, that's an order soldier ;)

Share the file with the community and it shall be analysed and you will hear the results and the solution for removal. :)


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Thanks to everyone. I do like it here. I feel like a member of the family already. :)


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Hey Bev,

Welcome to MalwareTips, it's great to have you with us and I really do hope you'll forgive my oversight in not welcoming you to our humble family. I'm afraid I've been busy chewing grass and mooing at passers by ;)

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around the forums soon!
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