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Hello Everyone Obviously my UN is KruciaL but you can just call me J if you'd like. I am new to this forum, and very new to the subject of security, however I am not new to the Computer Universe and the World Wide Web we live in today, I am infatuated with technology for good and for bad to be completely honest, I have two personalities for the most part but don't call me crazy. anyway somebody from Hack Forums referred me to check this website out because I am trying to learn all that I can about Computer Security. I don't care how long or hard it may be to completely learn and master computer security I am alive to learn, and that is all I want to do is learn and master everything that peaks my interest.

So Thank You for welcoming me to the forums, I look forward to being here and learning all that I can and hopefully I can be of service to somebody else as soon as I learn everything myself.


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Welcome to Mt. Please enjoy what you find here! Oh, and be careful or you may acquire one or two syndromes: SPP (security/privacy paranoia) and/or SCADS (security configuration attention deficit syndrome). Each of these are manageable or fully reversible over time. However, if you acquire both there is little or no hope! ;):emoji_expressionless::emoji_hushed::barefoot::barefoot::barefoot: