Level 2
Hi everyone,

I use Google Chrome because it can sync all my information and passwords on different devices but i don't like its stability. I want to use other browsers, but then I have problems.

I am looking for a free password manager extension, I am waiting for your suggestions. I tried the Opera and the new Edge before, but later I couldn't transfer my passwords to Google Chrome. I manually added :mad: my new passwords because the file formats are different. It is very important for me that the export ability of the extension I want to use is compatible with Google Chrome. Might be needed later.

I wanted to try Bitdefender Wallet, but I couldn't import my passwords because Google Chrome is not compatible with export.

It is important for me that export and import format compatibility, reliable and free.
I am waiting for your suggestions .


Level 8
UPDATE: I finally got Bitwarden to import my data and I love it so far. YAY. (Don't ask how, it was a mess!) I will tell you.... I had to import my data from Norton Password manager into Kaspersky password manager and THEN export that to Bitwarden. (WHEW) BTW I am using Kaspersky free cloud and because of their sorry password limitations I did the 30 day upgrade free trial to get the full password manager just so I could import and export my data! (y)
Out of curiosity I did try Kaspersky while my data was imported on a few sites and it was an epic fail, would only log in my password and not the user ID. But once the data was imported from there into Bitwarden it worked flawlessly!