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Good day to all in the forums....

Ok, 1st of all great website and I learned some things from you guys / ladies. Keep it up!

Now, my issue is that for some reason I keep on getting PID's request for internet access with no signature (AVG). The number changes to 3 different ones. I always click deny because I have no idea which software is requested this. I been using AVG for sometime and never ran into this issue.

I attached a JPG of one of them.

I used task manager, cmd, power-shell, sysinternals suite, and I can not locate these dumb PID's. I used FULL scan from AVG and Malwarebytes and both software claims my PC is good. Even scanned in safe mode. Any idea what software this can be related to or other tips I can try to do?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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Nope, I did contacted AVG and they want to do remote access because they find it really odd. I think I will uninstall AVG (completely) disconnect from the internet and then install AVG again to see what happens. If it doesn't work I might have them remote access - I just hate when people want to do this. Thinking? Some people on AVG claim at times the updates messes up the software and the firewall is the 1st sign. I am surprised thou that no-one has replied usually someone would say "hey try this". :-(


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Update, it seems that AVG firewall is not quite compatible with Windows 10 1909. Its been solid prior to ver. 1909. I have been using AVG internet security for almost 7 years without any major issues till now. NO virus that I can speak of the past 7 years. Lately thou (past 1 year) the updates have been quite of a mess with AVG. This is new to add with my odd PID's request - the past 3 days getting BSOD's left and right. Something do to with Watchdog_Violation and under event logs error related to some bug-check.

So I let AVG (remote) to take a look in my PC and couldn't understand what was going on. We did clean uninstall and reinstall and still were getting PID's request with no signatures and BSOD's. So then AVG said they will get back to me with a solution may take up to 72 hours.

Well I took matters to my own hands to see what I can do. Under AVG firewall I had it setup to ASK the user on what to do with a particular program requesting internet access and have been doing this the past 7 years without any issues. I had all WIN services green light to use internet access. So I uninstall AVG again and used REVO uninstaller to ensure everything is rude of AVG traces. Guess what no BSOD's. Then I reinstall AVG and put the firewall back to ask the user. Then odd PID's and BSOD's were happening.

So again did REVO uninstall AVG and then reinstall AVG again. This time I left AVG to auto-decide. Let it run for 6 hours and no BSOD's nor PID's request and CPU usage was under 2% for AVG when before it was always 9-10%.

As of now I have AVG uninstalled due to I am not sure if the unknown PID's are stealing my info due to that I had it set as auto-decide.

FYI, the odd PID's remote addresses were all related to Microsoft servers what I gather on google ip searches except for two that was related to Verizon and LG in South Korea that was odd.

Excuse any type O's or grammar errors due that I have half asleep with all this nonsense this has caused me. :)

Also noted - I did multiple virus scans from AVG, ESET, Malwarebytes, and WIN defender - all found nothing.
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