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I have sent the complete script to almost all AV vendors. Let's see how many of them add it to their signatures.
VirusTotal link: VirusTotal
Thanks @SeriousHoax
I'm wondering about how VirusTotal works because Kaspersky was the first AV to detect this threat and it doesn't yet appear on the list of AV that detect this URL:unsure:
Also I don't understand the difference between this two VT check : VirusTotal and VirusTotal


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Hello @SeriousHoax
You answered my question before I ask it:unsure:
I just noticed that Kaspersky no longer blocks thi site.
But Netcraft always blocks it.
Kaspersky never blacklisted the site but it by default scans encrypted connections in browsers so it knows whether any known malicious script has loaded or not while Netcraft can't do that and they simply put the site in blacklist I suppose. So, that's the reason.