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30 to 39 years
Recent Malware Infection
So long I can't even remember
Favorite Browser
Google Chrome
Favorite Mobile OS
Favourite Desktop OS
Favourite Antivirus
Windows Defender
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Just joined, with the intention of getting some malware samples to test against an AV suite i'm evaluating at the moment. Haven't quite figured out how to do it just yet. Still in the middle of figuring out the rules of this forum. Thanks in advance to anyone who can get me on the fast track!


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Always good to have new testers. Welcome.
I am trying to figure out if I’m a tester. I never signed up never wanted to be but I got all the software and signs of being a tester and remotely accessed. I know I’m being remotely accessed and denied access to my network, websites, only getting ads if I search, but I can’t figure out if I’m being hacked or part of a developer’s program? I’ve been going through this for a year I’ve tried everything from Apple to police to the carrier nobody can help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....