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Hey all, i want to know if this "process" its secure for the Pc. Its a fix for games stutters / frame drops.

Empty Standby List Empty Standby List

Is a command line for Windows (in my case W10) that empty the Cached ram usage (theres a video in youtube that show how to make it execute every 5min 10min, etc.). I saw in my pc that after playing for an hour or 2 the Cached Ram was really high (Btw 4gb-8gb and with a low requirement game), and after that my idle PC was at 30-35% ram usage (without a procces consuming high ram in the task manager). I have 16Gb Ram, so idle W10 was consuming 4-5Gb.

I saw a lot of people saying it work (and i dont doubt it), but is it safe? or has a downside for doing it?


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The exe is safe... its been around the web for 2 years (maybe more, i dont know) and i didnt see any report of any malware. What i want to know if emptying the cached ram every 5mins, harms in any way the PC.
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Oh sorry, my bad.
I think that is not a good thing because a continuous polling may have the opposite effect, slowing down the PC.