Hitman Pro 3.5.9 Build 123 BETA

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Apr 22, 2011
Another beta before we release to stable.

Changelog build 123

  • Improved Cloud Assisted Miniport Hook bypass (both cloud and client components)
  • Improved removal of new variant of Vundo
  • Improved removal of malware files that change their file security
  • Added Master Boot Record (MBR) protection when restoring infected MBR to counter rootkit watchdogs
  • Added repair when BCD has testsigning enabled (testsigning allows loading of non-signed drivers under x64)
  • Minor user interface improvements
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese language (thanks Bruno)

Changelog build 122

  • Added Cloud Assisted Miniport Hook bypass
  • Added MEBroot/Torpig/Sinowal detection and removal
  • Added Registration on Setup dialog
  • Improved corrupted/damaged file handling
  • Fixed a crash when Compatible Disk Mode was selected and the uploader failed to get access to the file
  • Fixed a displaying problem when a filename was too long causing overlap
  • Close button is now disabled during malware removal process
  • Product actication is now performed on a seperate thread

32-bit: http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanPro35beta.exe
64-bit: http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanPro35beta_x64.exe

Please report any problems. Thanks
Not open for further replies.