Level 23
After a (too long) private beta period we now release HitmanPro.Alert version 3.5. I want to take to opportunity to thank everybody who participated in the private beta. Thank you!
If you are still running a 3.5 beta you are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

CryptoGuard 4th generation
Major new feature is the addition of the 4th generation of CryptoGuard (est. 2013). It is now capable of detecting "imperfect" crypto-ransomware families. These types of crypto-ransomware simply create encrypted copies of your files and then delete the originals. If you use an undelete tool like Recuva you can get much of your data back. Hence why we call these families imperfect. Getting hit by these types is still highly annoying so we added support for protecting against these families.

CryptoGuard v4 also improves the rollback mechanism that restores encrypted files to their original state. And we have vastly improved the cleanup of the temp files in the CryptoGuard rollback folder.

Since 2013, CryptoGuard not only protects against locally running crypto-ransomware, but also provides protection against infected endpoints trying to encrypt your locally shared data from remote.

With the advent of Master Boot Record based ransomware (Petya and Mischa), we have added a new mitigation called WipeGuard (currently part of CryptoGuard). This mitigation protects your critical disk sectors from being overwritten. This is the first release of WipeGuard, future releases will enhance this mitigation. Stay tuned.

Next to new features we have also improved performance across the board. Mitigations are now faster and alerts provide more information.

You can read the full changelog below.

Changelog (compared to build 374)

Added CryptoGuard 4th generation
Added WipeGuard mitigation
Added DLL hijack mitigation on browser downloaded binaries
Added Hardware-Assisted IAT filtering
Added Import and Export of settings
Improved Hardware-Assisted Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) mitigation
Improved ROP mitigation
Improved CallerCheck mitigation
Improved Heap Spray mitigation
Improved Hollow Process mitigation
Improved Application Lockdown
Improved Colored Window Border
Improved overall mitigation performance
Improved reporting details
Improved compatibility hooks
Improved 3rd party trampoline handling
Improved support for binaries with Intel® MPX instructions
Fixed Software Radar incorrectly detecting 64-bit applications
Various minor improvements

NOTE: The automatic update will go online next week.