How Did You Come Up With Your Username?


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Feb 22, 2022
I think that in the near future everything will be about AI and cybernetics. I only hope that AI does not prevail over HI (human intelligence) ...although, seeing what is happening at the moment, perhaps it would not be so bad...
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Oct 11, 2016
In my senior year in High School, I wrote a short fantasy story in fulfillment of an English class assignment. The teacher asked my okay to submit it to a magazine. To my surprise, it was bought & published by "Thrilling Wonder Stories" -- a pulp magazine that published fantasies. I got $250 for it -- that was a LOT for a teen age kid back in those days.

The lead character was an age-12 boy who was a street urchin. The boy had been deserted by his parents as a toddler. He was taken in & raised by an old hag who died when he was 11 years old, so he lived on the streets after that, surviving by stealing & begging.

I named him Bellgamin. "Gamin" means an urchin. I took "bell" from the "bell, book, & candle" of magic-users. Bellgamin gradually became aware that he had magical powers and --- the game was on -- ~24 pages long.

So that's how I got my user name. Sadly, my own magical powers have never fully developed. Kazam! ⚡
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