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for Adguard for windows version is 7.4.1 and Kaspersky I used version and after some issues the technical support advised me to use this version and both of them has the same issue with Adguard I wish I can use both of them without issues but, when I use safe money with Adguard installed it shows certificate issue, also in version 21 showed a problem in scanning encrypted connection it was cloudflaredns.com as I remember but I removed Kaspersky for a while and reinstall it once more and it didn't show this message again so far.


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I used KTS2021MR0 TR (probably the same as final -> + AdGuard + Safe Money without issues, and now using KTS2021MR1 + AG 7.4.1 and also working fine...
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PUPs are not exactly malware and can generate false positives, Kaspersky System Watcher will catch Adware that tries to change your browser settings.
I used KTS2021MR0 TR (probably the same as final -> + AdGuard + Safe Money without issues, and now using KTS2021MR1 + AG 7.4.1 and also wroking fine...
To be fair both Kaspersky and Adguard cooporate with each other to avoid compatibility issues, they should work fine together overall.

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I got another reply from Kaspersky on Adguard problem and I don't know what I should do should I keep using Adguard even some websites doesn't work in safe money like ebay or should I remove it as the technical support said?
Dear customer,


Thank you for your reply.

My name is Nathan, and I'm glad to explain this to you.

Basically, Kaspersky is already inbuilt with Anti-Banner. Our Anti-Banner is designed to block advertisement banners on websites and in applications. Not only are banner ads devoid of useful information but they also distract you from your work and increase the amount of your network traffic.

Usually having two anti-banners will also conflict each other and cause Kaspersky incompatible to work. Since you already have already installed Kaspersky, it is now safe to remove any other software which performs the same.

Rest assured, we remain at your disposal for any further help.

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Kaspersky and Bitdefender are weak against PUPs/adwares. Kaspersky has improved a bit compare to itself last year but is still average. BD is very weak
ESET is the most aggressive against PUPs, sometimes overly aggressive if we enable Potentially Unwanted Application detection => too many false positives on my side

installing Windows Defender Browser Protection (for chrome browser) can aid in PUP protection


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well I found interesting thing it works with paypal website but when I visit ebay and explore to other website in safe money it gives me certificate issue
Just tested on my computer. Went to PayPal then eBay then to my bank page all inside the protected browser window with no problem at all. You probably had some problem when Kaspersky installed the certificate. Also I just disable Kaspersky's antibanner as Adguard is way more flexible and powerful but it is unnecessary I had both on for a long time.
kaspersky has improved his pup detection a lot, today he is from good to excellent, he has practically no false positives, since bitdefender has no protection against pups and additional installations, Eset is good against pups but he has many false positives mainly if he activates the detection of potentially undesirable applications, Emsisoft is great against pups, I think even better than Eset, but suffers from the same evil as ESET, has false positives, so kaspersky besides having evolved in this area is the best in protecting pups, he side of norton and malware bytes has the best result against pups.