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Usually the number of users that will claimed by majority of AV goes to be 250 million users + which likely subdivided through different types of environment and other scales.

Other than that, Symantec is a highly respectable and legitimate company which offers a massive adjustment on Norton products.


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Symantec Marketshare 2016

Protecting 175 millions of endpoints worldwide.... Not bad and being a recognized industry leader for the past 14 years in a row across their entire portfolio.
Not bad considering the very long way Norton/Symantec did come.
The amount of failures, problems and missteps either by Symantec itself or by the actions of third parties is just staggering and could have caused them to be phased out. Yet it speaks volumes to see them still going strong it is also a tell tale story about how much backbone their marketing department has, since these guys worked overtime to undo most of the damage and still keep the clients happy.
And IMO that on its own is a remarkably nice achievement.


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According to the OPSWAT report from November 2015, Symantec has a market share of 6.1%. - Anti-malware Vendor and Encryption Product Market Share Report
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Thanks for the post. OPSWAT is a good company, and I'm sure this is mostly accurate, but some things jump out at me. Spybot premium has more subscribers than Bitdefender and McAfee? :confused: Have we ever encountered anybody who uses the paid version of Spybot as their AV? Given the popularity of free AVs, ESET coming out ahead of AVG surprises me. (Of course I'm not saying it doesn't deserve to be ahead of AVG.) If we're going to talk about market "share", it seems inappropriate to include Malwarebytes premium when it is marketed and, presumably in most cases utilized, as a second line of defense. I'm sure others will see it differently. :D