New Update How Safe is Kaspersky Internet Security?

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Jun 26, 2019
When Avira was used by the Persian Gulf intelligence services, that's fine; when Avast / Avg was selling data, same was fine ... Norton, Mcafee used by the NSA and Fbi same was fine ... Now the devil is Kaspersky ... when you can't match it you have to destroy it, it's always been like that. .. hope users don't fall into fear and uninstall it...


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Oct 22, 2018
You can't compare a country run for the corporations for a country run for the president, same applies to @harlan4096 argument, you can't compare both of those to a country run for the people.

There have been no bans here whasoever, and I'm not concerned about it either, no one cares about what third-parties say here, Kaspersky is innocent until proven guilty.

No one here takes anything the USA say seriously, everyone views them as the clown in class, as for Russia and Ukraine, we don't support the war, but we are smart enough to know Ukraine hasn't exactly been at peace for years now.

Both Putin and Eugene only stand to lose if they use Kaspersky in the war effort (nor it makes any sense).
At this point, over half the people here in the USA agree. As for Kaspersky, it's the gold standard for antivirus. I would have no fear or concern using Kaspersky, especially since everybody is so hypocritical in regards boycotting.

Buy Kaspersky and enrich the Russian govt via taxes. How awful. How much money does Kaspersky pay in taxes relative to what their govt takes in via oil and gas?
But, we 'need' their oil and gas to survive comfortably, they say. We don't need Kaspersky - and they say it with a straight face, which is laughable.


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Mar 23, 2021
Thinking about it,I am very worried about using Kaspersky,to the point I uninstalled it in one of my 5 computers.
I wanted the trolls of the moneylenders to know this.

I uninstalled it in the pc i normally use to navigate because I was afraid to be taken as a warmonger by some demlib ransomware cruising in search of victims.
I know EU / US / UK ransomware is for the good democracy and wellbeing of computers,but I will wait for an explicit order of the authorities before I deliberately put them in the UEFI or Start.
So I have partially appeased that troll section made of tv-news viewers and yes man zombies infesting forums these days.

The other 4 computers were left at the total mercy of the KGB and of Lavrenti Beria (time-travel and Out OF Pc experience),especially the one which I use for banking as ,up to now, I didnt find anything better than SafeMoney to let them in Moscow know everything about me.
As a matter of fact they should be eager to know all about everyone,as Snowden told us.
Now,in that pc, they know everything about me in Slovakia as well thru Avast.

Just forgetting: in 2011 I uninstalled all Lybian antiviruses from all computers to protest for Lybian aggression to democracy.
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