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Ok, this is a problem that i couldnt solve in the last year...
I want to download a web in my PC to watch it Offline whenever i want. The problem is, a screenshot (or save page option) is not enough, because the page have a lot of links to other threads, sub-links in those threads, images, videos, etc. The web its like a compilation of threads.
I tried HTTrack and other similar programs in the past (1 - 2 years ago) but i couldnt do it, i saw how the program download GB after GB and never end, and when i paused it to try what was downloaded, after clicking a link, nothing.

Anyone know how can i download a web to see it Offline?

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I know how you can download any webpage to view it in PDF form later on with it looking identical to how it did at the time of downloading the webpage content. You can use: wkhtmltopdf

All you need to do is head over to the Downloads tab, download the correct installer for you (e.g. I would use Windows (MSVC) 64-bit version for my system) and then after installation, navigate to the installation path. Open up command prompt and go to the installation directory (e.g. with the cd command) and then type: "wkhtmltopdf [YOURURL] [URLNAME].pdf" (without the "" and removing the [ and ] characters of course).

E.g. (without "")
1. "cd C:\\Program Files\\\wkhtmltopdf\\bin"
2. "wkhtmltopdf.exe https: // www. google .fr googlefr.pdf"

(added spaces for URL to prevent the auto-shorten happening which XenForo does automatically).


If you want to download a full website to view in-browser whenever you want then it's never going to work as you would like it to - in other words you simply cannot do it to the extent you'd like to. Reason being is that most websites nowadays have scripts on the servers (in the "cloud") and you won't have access to this when viewing locally from a local download copy. Such functionality may also change over time and then you'd have outdated code for the local copy as well. E.g. PHP is on the server (server-side), not local-side which is where the HTML, CSS and JavaScript would be located. Websites may also use CSS which is not locally stored on its web-host, but linked to other websites and this will also cause an issue.
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I dont think the first option its what im looking for... I make the example easy: lets say you want to download this thread to view it offline, its easy, you save it and done (screenshot, save page, your pdf option...) but, if you add links to other threads and videos, you cant do what i say before. You cant play the video, and if you click a link, nothing is going to happen (because you cant click it, or because you need internet to open it). Your telling me that this second option im saying its impossible to do?