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Jul 29, 2014
The screenshot you showed doesn't even need a Windows 7 Recovery/Installation DVD/USB to fix. It shows someone that tries to do a PXE-Boot (in other word, a boot from the network) and it failed because no controller could be contacted to finish the operation. A network boot is mostly used in companies/entreprises field where you boot your computers/laptops on the network to connect to a SCCM server to grab a Windows image from it and install it on that laptop/computer. In order to fix this, just go in your BIOS, disable the PXE-Boot option and make sure that your HDD (or the Windows Boot Manager) is the first boot device in the boot list and restart the computer.

Also, the whole tutorial formatting is broken, is it possible to fix ? Right now, for me that tutorial is completely unreadable.
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Jul 23, 2015
:( So before I try this, This a screenshot of the iusse I have this happened after power outage. So I don't know if. My hd is toast or if just Windows acting up if someone could tell me what those codes are and the meaning i would be very grateful. Thank you jack and any one who can help. The second screenshot. After I did what this post said.


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mohd mazhar khan

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Sep 27, 2016
I have same issue with my accer laptop and I loss my windows 7 operating system DVC caste, please tell i am not much knowledge of installation and all. Thank you


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Nov 3, 2016
Hello everyone
Is it possible that ubuntu itself got installed on my computer...
Bcoz last night i just left my pc on...but locked(windows+L) and the network adapter also disabled from contrl panel. But when I checked my pc today morning, I found my system running ubuntu...and not able to access any of the HDD (there are 3 with one windows installed on, i have removed the other two)...then I restarted it...It just boots up with a black screen with flashing underscore...
So now I thought of formatting it using a bootable usd...but it doesn't show the HDD the one on which windows was installed earlier...after a few trials it started showing the error code
0xc0000098 but when i check sata devices in bios it shows up there...

Please help and how can i check if my other two HDDs are safe with the data or not...


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Mar 15, 2011

First of all are you sure that you install Ubuntu that time?

Bcoz last night i just left my pc on...but locked(windows+L) and the network adapter also disabled from contrl panel. But when I checked my pc today morning, I found my system running ubuntu.

Ubuntu have Wubi installer for Windows and possible of issues occur if you install under of Windows 8 and above since it is not yet supported.

Regarding on the error code:

I highly suggest to folow this forum link which pertains to make sure you have a valid recovery disc to revert some changes.

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