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I have mobile dongle internet connection on my home shared pc.It is connected from usb drive and anyone can see all files and data inserted by internet service provider by clicking My computer.
I fear if anyone in family just delete the file or format it will cause loss of internet connection and only way to restore back will have to go to internet service provider.

I want to know that if its possible to hide that usb drive on pc so no change can be made or I can password protect that whole drive so no one can make change.


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Something like this?

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings

  • Turn off network discovery
  • Turn off Public folder sharing (people logged on to this computer can still access these folders)


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1. Right click on the USB drive.
2. Click "Share with"
3. Select "Nobody" if you don't want other systems on your Homegroup to see your files, select "Homegroup (Read)" if you want to share the files but don't want users on the Homegroup to change or delete the files. If you select "Homegroup (Read/Write)" then all users on your Homegroup have full access to change or delete the files.

Enjoy!! :D


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there are many third party software can help to do so, truecrypt(www.truecrypt.org) and USB Security( http://www.abettersoft.com/usb-security.html ) are all great tool for encrypt

portable drive with password. truecrypt is freeware and USB Security no need to install. have a try!!

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