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Oct 25, 2016
Hello! Recently i have encountered something i now use for work all the time. This simple online java program allows you test, experiment and decide the features of any Samsung devices such as Galaxy, Gear and Z for free!

First Step.
Create a Samsung Account or login at then head to SAMSUNG Developers


After, click the REMOTE TEST LAB at the bar at the top


Step 2.
Once you arrive at this page

You should see a few devices shown but not all. Then, you have to click the devices such as Galaxy, Z and Gear shown below the blue bar before.

Step 3.
If you click the Galaxy link, you should go to this link which we will be using for this example.


Now for my example i will be using the Samsung Galaxy S8. After selecting whichever phone, select the OS version, the device from the list (don't worry about which one unless you're looking for a specific model) and then the time you have to reserve it for (this will deplete your credits and you can get more by clicking Get Free Credits! each day). If you just want to see functionality; i recommend 30 mins as other devs might want to use it.

Step 4.
Now once you click Start. You should see a brief description of what you chose and what you need.

System Requirements:
  • Modern web browser which JavaScript is enabled.
  • Java Runtime Environment(v1.7+) with Java Web Start
  • Network port 2600 needs to be available.

After you've clicked Start again, it will prompt you to download a .jnlp file. Save this to your Downloads folder and run it.

Step 5.
You should see this.


Wait for it to run and select your language.

Step 6.
This part is about the operations of the Samsung device. Please read carefully!!!

If the phone doesn't fit your screen, right click the phone screen and select the Scale option to whatever factor.

The apps on the phone must be installed manually through Play Store or APK but some careless devs may leave some apps behind which you can use or reduce clutter by uninstalling.

Moving left or right or moving apps is simple by holding your left-click and dragging.

If you ever need to sign in to anything please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL AS THIS IS A PUBLIC DEVICE. Make sure you sign out before leaving or sign others out if they are careless and leave their unprotected Google or Samsung Account for the World to See. If you forget and the timer runs out, make sure to change password or revoke devices in your account settings.

Thank you for reading my guide! :)
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