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How to use your Samsung phone without KIES

Discussion in 'How-To Articles, Tips and Guides' started by Umbra, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Umbra

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    May 16, 2011
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    Windows 10
    You know that most phone's vendors "force" you to use their own apps to upload/download files between your phone and computer.

    As you also know, KIES is heavy, use a lot of resource with many processes and startup items, and is not very necessary (unless u need to update your firmware).

    So there is how to deal without it :

    1- if Kies already installed:

    - Uninstall it but keep the driver (dont check the box)
    - Connect your phone via usb
    - Normally a "removable disk" icon appears on your computer panel but when clicking on it , it says "please insert a disk in removable disk...
    - Dont panic, normally your phone taskbar should show an usb icon
    - Scroll down the bar, now you should see under ongoing, "usb connected - select to copy files to/from your computer"
    - Tap on it
    - The Android logo appears with "connect storage to pc" button, tap on it
    - A popup will appear, tap ok
    - Your phone will connect then a window will open showing your phone files and in your computer panel the icon of "removable disk" will show the phone disk space.
    - Done

    2- if Kies not installed

    - Just Download and install the usb driver (not kies):
    - then do the step above.

    Thanks :D
  2. ElectricSheep

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    Aug 31, 2014
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    And Kies apparently has some form of Malware lurking on it.
    I honestly cannot remember exactly what it was, but I won't touch it now, un-installed it ages ago, etc.
    #2 ElectricSheep, Sep 8, 2014
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