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Hi everyone im from Florida and i thought perhaps you Guys/Girls would like to share your best moments or dislikes of the day (please no family cooking insult) lol

for me is spending time with my boys oh and my wife i usually head on over to grandmas house eat watch some football
eat watch more football eat watch some more take a nap. wakeup and you got it eat some more (dessert) of course
and dont forget midnight turkey sandwich that wraps it up my crazy family will go black friday shopping at midnight with all
those crazy people i will pass i wait for cyber monday no crowds for me

but I hope you all did have a Great ThanksGiving Day


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Speaking as a UK citizen Thanksgiving sounds great and it's one of the things I want to experience first hand before I die. As I've always wanted to visit New England in the Fall I'd try and combine the two. Being a huge Gridiron fan (yes. there are a few of us this side of the pond) everything would have to fit around the football though. Love the way the NFL have increased the number of games on Thanksgiving. I'm sure when I started watching it was just the one game involving The Cowboys.

Edit: Just done a bit of googling and the Thanksgiving NFL Triple Header seems to have been around for some time. Senility I guess:)
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