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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Huorong test!
Huorong is a Chinese antivirus, unknown to the general public.
It offers a security suite but stands out by one thing: It is totally free!
Firewall, Web protection (and no anti-phishing unfortunately), HIPS, everything is there!

The interface is clear and sober. Well, I don't like the beige and yellow color of the 90's but let's move on.

Huorong in detection, is very good !
However, it let 3 malwares install, 1 of which will cause a BSOD (Oh no... oh no... Oh no no no !!!! ) but the other malwares will be inactive.

On the pack, Huorong leaves 49, no serious damage is noticed.

On the recommendation level, it is recommendable, but a good anti-phishing + a little more effort on blocking some malware (AgentTesla has not been detected even if it is inactive) would not be refused.

RAM Usage : Light
Phishing Test : No anti-phishing on this product! Not tested
Malware URL test : 7/10 (3 missed
Fake crack : 0,75/1 (1 missed)
Malware Pack : Remaining 49 files to 528 malwares
Home Malware : 1/1 (detected by Database)
Result :
- Huorong: 0
- Zemana : 0
- Hitman Pro : 6 (No active malware)
- NPE : 4
- Memory : No active malware in memory
- Autoruns : 0 suspicious key

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Mar 25, 2021
you can install it from ms, anti virus in ms store?


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Dec 27, 2014
Thanks again for testing! I remember that @Der.Reisende mentioned that Huorong had quite bad signatures in the past. They seem to have improved a lot over the last months. (y)
I‘m also very surprised!
Haven‘t used it for 1-2 months now.
I remember it stronger against scriptors than against .exe.
Their HEUR / generic detections seem to have improved actually.
Still there seems to be neither a cloud nor a present BB. Updates come once a day.

The Firewall and HIPS actually are what I loved most.
If they could improve BB and detections way more, I would be so so happy :)