I got my MacBook Pro


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I'm planning on getting the next MacBook Air with an improved M1/M2. I think the security flaws in Intel CPUs scare me too much even though I'm on a Pixelbook Go which gets plenty of amazing microcode tweaks straight from Google security team. But the problem is the i7 in Pixelbook Go is struggling to push the pixels on the 4k display.
Arm is definitely the future and with M1X/ M2 you will get the best.
While the M1 is more then powerful enough, their is enough possible improvement, specially for the GPU.


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Dec 1, 2019
I have only used it plugged in, but it should have a pretty good battery time. 9-10 hours or more.
Those are great computers! I picked up an M1 MacBook Air yesterday. I am not going to run a resident antivirus program but will be doing occasional (few times a week) scans with Intego VirusBarrier Scanner. It is a free on-demand scanner from one of the top Mac antivirus companies. I mostly use Windows computers and am a very safe surfer so I think the native security features of a Mac with a few adblocker extensions are probably good enough protection for me.