I've had trouble with Adware on this phone before and tried the solution. Not only has Zemana failed to detect the issue but CCCleaner did nothing as well. I tried a factory reset and it seemed to have worked alongside encryption but now that I'm back on home WiFi the problem returned. Its been stressing me out so I hope I can get some advice on fixing it.

I haven't downloaded any questionable apps, updated any of them or anything like that. I have Tumble, CN App, Netflix, Skype, Google Apps & Spotify .

Only thing of notice was apparently a candy crush knockoff game got installed without my knowledge. I scanned it.. Zemana said it was clean. I removed it and cleaned my cache.

No pop ups but I know by now it pops up on occasion. So any solutions?

Sorry about my lack of knowledge on this. I don't understand electronics too well.