IceRat evades antivirus by using JPHP


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Apr 9, 2020
I wrote this article based on @McMcbrad sample ;)

IceRat keeps low detections rates for weeks by using an unusual language implementation: JPHP. But there are more reasons than the choice of the compiler. This article explores IceRat and explains a way to analyze JPHP malware.

User McMcbrad of the forums discovered the first IceRat samples[5][7]. The malware caught his interest due to the low detection rates on VirusTotal for most related samples. At the time of discovery only 2 to 3 engines showed a detection despite the samples being a month old.

Static analysis reveals that most components of IceRat are written in JPHP. This is a PHP implementation that runs on the Java VM. This implementation uses .phb files instead of Java .class files -- a file type that, as I suspect, is not commonly supported by antivirus products. So far I haven't heard or found any other malware that uses JPHP which partially explains the low detection rates on VirusTotal.



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I don't speak Italian (last article), but I can see the article is making headlines.
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