IF You Like Drive SnapShot. Here is the Fix

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Rod McCarthy

Drive Snapshot - Disk Image Backup for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/X64,

Will make a BU while in Windows 10, just like AX64TM Version 1, and then restore it the same way.

The Restore was very fast upon reboot just like AX64... Ax64 does the restore inside windows, with windows frozen, then at 100% it reboots PC...

DriveSnapShot"DSS" does this in the same way, except upon reboot it does the restore during startup. Both are about same speed too in Windows 10.

BUT if your PC dies, you need a boot medium. So here is how you make a bootable USB in Windows 10, for SnapShot.

This method is straight from the developer himself.

Go to start button in Windows 10. Type and run RecoveryDrive.exe

Just follow the prompts. Here is a tutorial with screenshots. Recovery Drive - Create in Windows 10

This will create a Windows boot environment on a USB stick or disk.place snapshot.exe (or snapshot64.exe) in the root Folder.

Now you can boot this stick, navigate to command line, and start graphical snapshot.

OPTION 2. This boots into a GUI

Download this Win10586PESE-x64

Burn it to USB and boor with it. It gives you a OS right on the USB itself and you browse to your Snapshot.exe or even the install directory and run Snapshot.
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Jul 3, 2015
I love the way it restores and makes the BU IF windows is running... 2 problems... The damn boot into dos, and no incremental Bu's.
but it doesn't run constantly, or on a schedule, right?

I was pretty puzzled by the chrome problem after restoring. I don't know how chrome knew something was off, and I can't imagine what was off.
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Jul 19, 2014
I love the way it restores and makes the BU IF windows is running... 2 problems... The damn boot into dos, and no incremental Bu's.
Hi, drivesnapshot will run from a WINPE boot disk such as Macrium's restore disk.(Some where I thought I read that you were possibly using macrium reflect ?)Just copy/paste snapshot64.exe to a WINPE disk and use the pe file explorer to navigate to it and run it.
Drivesnapshot does differential backups.. Hope that helps


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Oct 24, 2015
HI Guys

Glad I found this thread. I've always like DS for imaging but restores is another thing. I've restored both with it's native API restore, and also with Macrium. But it was horribly slow. 10 minutes slower then anything else. I am on Win 7x64. Well I downloaded the win10pe put the DS exe in the boot disk. Now the DS restore is the fast of all of them except for Macrium.

Glad I saw the tip.
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