Hi, I'm from
North America
Age group
Over 40 years old
Last known PC infection
More than 2 years ago
Favourite web browser
Google Chrome
Favourite mobile OS
Google Android
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Favourite videogame(s)
Do not play games on the internet.


Staff member

I joined this Community to help others in removing Malware, Ransomware and virus.


I joined SpywareInfo in 2004. Now known as SpywareInfoForum.

I was trained as an helper and later became a Global Moderator.

In 2006 I Joined Bleepingcomputer and providing my services regularly.

In the lst yest I also help at Malwarebytes.

I have Add and Edit rights of some Databases at SystemLookUp

As for me I am 78 years old. Enjoying good health and life.

I use to play Gold and Snooker with my friends.
Now I just enjoy my friends and live a happy life.

I hope that that can make a difference.

Thank you.

AKA nasdaq


Level 22
Hi, nasdaq! An eerie coincidence as I mentioned you when Gandalf_the_Grey wondered about the presence of malware removal assistance here just a little while ago. You helped me out with a flash player exploit over at BC a few years back. I don't forget good deeds like that. A pleasure!

Best regards,