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Question: Installing VirtualBox on Windows - Should I install everything?
And what do they all mean?


VirtualBox Custom Setup hierarchy
  • VirtualBox Application
    • VirtualBox USB Support
    • VirtualBox Networking
      • VirtualBox Bridged Networking
      • VirtualBox Host-Only Networking
    • VirtualBox Python 2.x Support
I need some assistance with the above when installing VirtualBox.
  • Which of the above should I install on Windows, and what should not and why?
  • How is VirtualBox affected if not all features are installed?
  • Is it risky to install Python 2.x support?


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Virtualbox USB support is required if you are handling those files on flashdrive cause the VM itself still comprise issue on drag and drop files.

But you can assign shared folder instead but make sure to set the mount based on your preference especially in malware testing.

Other features are optional too, they are design if you want to code something in python for API operation/ extend your networking function which will not affect the overall operation.