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Must be this one.

Did a test post and it works as it should.

I tried to "reply" to one of my own posts about a new Wise Cae 365 giveaway.
If that's the thread, I can't see your first post. 🤔

I agree with @venustus on this and you for sure needs to contact the staff through a pm. (y)


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Hello @Telos,
Which is the thread in which you cannot reply (link)?


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It probably means that the giveaway has expired I would assume..Can you link the thread?
...Or contact a moderator.:)
That thread is in the Giveaway Archive forum. In this forum members cannot reply because the giveaways are expired so we don't want to bump the threads. If the giveaway is still active, you can report the thread or send a PM to the staff and we'll move it back to the Giveaway section where you can reply. : D
So, this has nothing to do with your account (other members cannot reply also) instead this happens because of the forum in which the thread is in.