Level 1
You need url protection. (WOT , Bitdefender Traffic Light) Add other on demand scanner e.g MBAM or Zemana. Add it uBlock. Do you have a firewall and UAC enabled? If you do not turn on.


Level 18
CCleaner = must-have. Turn off all the auto stuff; just run it after patch Tuesday's reboot and before your monthly defrag (if you have a platter drive) with MyDefrag.

Browser adblocker (how do people suffer ads, really?): Adguard

Windows Backup if your external hard drive is large you some time and gives you a bare-metal restore option. (I'm assuming Windows 7 backup is on Windows 8 as it is on Windows 10)

Edit: oh yeah, on-demand. MBAM free definitely and herdProtect or VirusTotal uploader


Level 85
1) Why not upgrade to Windows 8.1? Do you have any plans for the reservation of Windows 10?

2) AVG Free is fine though and all you need are backup software and on demand scanners.

3) For system restore enhance the try Rollback RX Home and for creating system image then use either Macrium Reflect or AOIMEI Backupper.

4) Extensions for the two browsers are Adguard and HTTPS Everywhere.