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Intel has launched its first Atom processor for tablet computers.

Formerly codenamed Oak Trail, the new Atom Z670 made its début at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing this week.

The new processor contains no tablet-specific features, but targets the handheld market by combining low power consumption with a sophisticated feature set that supports advanced operating systems.

In principle, it’s a hybrid of two existing Atom platforms — the ultra-low-power Moorestown system-on-a-chip, designed for smartphones, and Intel’s current netbook platform, codenamed Pine Trail.
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Valentin N

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AMD's fusion APU C50 will perform better even if it uses 9Watt. Lets not forget that it's also a dual core and it has ATI radeon HD 6250 as gpu. source

It's interesting to see that this Atom will have HT source. It would have been better to have dual core with HT