Level 4
Just my take here: Having no issues whatever with this Windows 10 install, I did an Reflect Image & out of interest RE: This thread I installed Driver Booster & let it do its stuff, there were dire warnings to update & install Pro as my NVIDIA driver was exploitable (I didn't) - Anyway I ran the PC for a couple of days having had many drivers updated yet no discernible improvements including network speeds etc.

O&O Defrag latest did have issues running slowly, nothing was improved - Anyway as there were unwanted bits & RougeKiller found bits of malware I decided to image back as I saw no improvements to a state I knew worked OK. For the first time I can remember Reflect failed running Windows PE? and I got a repeated black screen.

This required using a boot medium & went back a few days & all is well - My initial assessment it messed up a really well working PC & as there were no backups made by the program? (As I could boot into damaged Windows with Boost changes) - I often think leave well alone, if its running well leave it? As it was I always have images but others may not have but this was just my experience. Could be a one off? Never again :)

EDIT: For fairness to me & a morbid fascination, I'm going to do the same thing again tomorrow & see if the same issues occur as other factors could have been involved? If I'm never seen on here again, well..? :cry: Of course nothing is proved apart from it may cause issues on this PC.

Sounds like you have other problems, not associated with driver updates.