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IObit Malware Fighter 5 is available to download: Download IObit Malware Fighter Beta 5 - MajorGeeks

  • 4. What's New

    + Added Anti-Ransomware Engine - Protect your important files from malicious attacks and illegal access by third-party programs.

    + Added Download Protection - Scan your downloaded files to keep your PC away from the malicious files.

    + Added Camera Guard - Protect your camera from unauthorized use and prevent malicious programs from spying on your privacy.

    + Optimized IObit Anti-malware Engine - Scan much faster with lower resource usage. Detect and remove more threats thoroughly for higher security.

    + Optimized Update Process - Update database more timely, stably and conveniently.

    + Enhanced Surfing Protection & Ads Removal - Block more malicious websites and remove more annoying ads for safer and smoother surfing experience.

    + Optimized Plugin / Toolbar Cleaner - Monitor the activities of Plugins / Toolbars in real-time for safer and cleaner PC.

    + Enhanced Homepage Protection - Monitor any changes to homepage and search engine to prevent malicious modifications.

    + Larger database - Support removing more latest stubborn malware and viruses.

    + Brand New UI - Support high DPI displays & high resolution screens for better experience.
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Aug 2, 2015


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Aug 6, 2014
It looks like a remake of Qihoo imo. I'm personally not interested in it. It has a nice new UI, but it's only bitdefender engine and I doubt that that new anti-ransomware engine is adding much more protection. I can be wrong of course, but in the past it wasn't really a great product.


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Mar 15, 2011
Larger database - Support removing more latest stubborn malware and viruses.

Honestly, Iobit database is not literally improving and since BD signatures is included hence an obvious results for sure.

I'm wondering how Iobit's cloud mechanism actually work, as it perform poorly from numerous reviews.
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