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Mar 24, 2020
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    You can install from any source or This Link
    License code: 1EFE2-F546A-03576-BEA54
    This License Can Active 50K Devices

    The Cog in the Machine

    Level 17
    i think this

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    VendorIObit (website)
    Installer file size39.2 MB
    Menu languages32
    Key modulesAnti-malware, Anti-ransomware, Anti-mining
    Extra featuresBitDefender engine, Protected Storage, Webcam Protection
    It seems that I misinterpreted your previous post. For me I would not touch this. Why would anyone install this when we have WD? BD Free? Kaspersky Free?


    Level 17
    I assume & may be wrong these keys only work now & if you ever have to image back etc they don't work & for me then are useless - If I had been considered mentally incapable of making decisions & detained & against my will (possible) & escaped back to my PC, before I was recaptured that is a time I would install these software's & then I doubt it. :):)