IOBIT Smart Defrag VS Defraggler vs Auslogics Disk Defrag

  • IOBIT Smart Defrag

    Votes: 4 10.8%
  • Defraggler

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag

    Votes: 22 59.5%
  • Puran Defrag free

    Votes: 4 10.8%
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Isn't degrag history? Why still do it?
If you're using a hard drive rather than a SSD, defragmentation will still reduce disk performance. Because of this, starting with Vista, the standard Windows defrag autmaitcally does a defrag in the background once a week. While Microsoft's defrag software actually works very well, in some cases you will get better disk performance by using third party defrag tools. But, it's worth noting, that in some cases you will actually get better disk performance from using Microsoft's defrag software, rather than third party software. Because of this, for most people, the best option would be just to let Windows defrag your drives weekly, rather than installing other defrag software.

When it comes to SSDs, due to the way they work there is little need to defrag them. Despite what many people claim, it is actually safe to do so, but there's just little point in doing so. Having said that Windows itself does defrag SSDs, It dosn't cause any harm and generally shouldn't be disabled.
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I bought O&O Defrag 22 a couple of months back reduced to 7 or 9 dollar - As my spinning disk contains just music video & photographs it rarely needs defragging. My SSD has Windows & Data on it I rad the SOLID optimiser & it did drop boot time greatly by several seconds & speeded up zipping unzipping/moving data in the data partition which did surprise me. I run it once a month or so now. A good cheap investment - Just my 10 pence worth.


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I have one PC with an SSD but the set up is more expensive because I still need a regular HD for the programs that won't fit in it.

With that, I have to use regular HDs for the other machines. I noticed that sometimes the built-in defrag does not run automatically for Windows 7 and 8, causing the systems to slow down considerably. That's why I have to use at least free versions of third-party apps.

I do the same for the antivirus and backup program.


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My system drive is an SSD and my data drive is an HDD. I use o&o defrag "zone filing" option to put my Steam folder to the outer part(faster) of the HDD. So basically Steam games should load faster. I have one partition on that HDD and cluster size is 4k. I think bigger cluster size(8, 16 even 64k) will increase the speed, especially when reading bigger contigous files. So i think i made an mistake when i formatted my HDD(cluster size at least 8k). Downside is that with bigger cluster size, any file on the HDD takes some extra space. Correct if im wrong :D