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MalwareBytes incident is an old story, and I think now there is no reason to highlight this old fact.
Maybe others have committed errors relating to the trust and we do not know how the facts are.
One of my dear irl friend are using ASC for many years and, on the same PC, he does online banking by entering password and manipulating sensitive data.
As it was to be expected with absolutely no privacy issue.
But of course everyone has his opinions and I always will respect them :)
Oh, i think in a world about security, which is all about "trust", one has to keep good memory, so that the younger ones know. Because trust in security is paramount. I call it "an informed choice". It's like i bring in your house an ex burglar. Wouldn't you prefer to know that he was caught for burglary before you trust him to sleep in your house? I see it something similar about what you allow to install on your PC. That's all. And maybe others did it too, but that's always the catch. You aren't a thief unless you are caught. But if you are caught, you are, no less, a thief. Is it fair? No, but that's how the world goes. Personally, in this age, where every application wants to "phone home" and you have to trust it for what it sends home, i would never trust Iobit, given their past. But that's just me.


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Life is short, I feel its time to move on, we learn... I've long forgiven Iobit for the copying of Malwarebytes without consent. You really don't know what companies are pure if ANY.

Noones perfect, I assume Iobit has learned the lesson and should be forgiven unless found with their hands in cookie jar again.

People still use Microsoft, even if W10 was forced on some W7 users without asking, but Windows is in demand, and you can forgive, overlook or go Linux I guess.
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I've long forgiven Iobit for the copying of Malwarebytes without consent
It would be foolish to copy MB nowadays. v3 is a wreck :ROFLMAO:

That said, IObit Uninstaller wants to run a service 24/7. I disabled that.

Notably, when I used IObit Uninstaller to remove Java 8, it found 10,000+ registry entries that had built up from long gone Java installations. Since I recognized the CAFE... keys I let IObit do its thing. Remarkably all seems well after that mass cleansing. FWIW I'm a big Revo fan, yet Revo always ignored these entries. Time will tell if these registry entries were necessary, but as an unabashed reg tweaker, I think the entries were non-essential. Time will tell.
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